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Cupertino Union School District has been, and continues to be, one of the lowest funded school districts in the state of California.  This habitual underfunding has led the District to annually cut programs and resources, with these cuts now closer to the classrooms than ever before.  Compounding the low state funding has been the significant decline in enrollment the past 5 years and forecasted to continue for another 5 years, which has led to continual structural deficits and poor fiscal stability. To better understand this fiscal crisis, please visit: https://publicschool101.org

Together, we can be a powerful force for change. We do not want to continue with years of continued staffing cuts, budget cuts, school closures, and other end-game scenarios. We want our District, our children, and our community to thrive under the umbrella of solid fiscal solvency. We live in the most innovative area of the world; let’s prove it!

Please join us in supporting CUSD with unrestricted funds so that they can pay teachers comparable salaries, provide better services for our students, and continue to offer 99% of the services currently in place at each school site.

These funds will be disbursed directly to CUSD’s general fund. Thank you for your ongoing support! Every dollar counts!